Thursday, 10 March 2016

AUDIO: Listen With Mother

This previous Sunday, the Punk Rock Pub Quiz band performed a show loosely based around the concept of 'mothers' due to it being their day and everything. We played "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Stacy's Mom" along with rounds inspired by "Yo Momma" jokes, Mother Goose stories reimagined as Sky News headlines and "Mama Told Me Not To Come" in which new 'character' Tom Jones made an appearance to talk about places he's been and shagged the audiences' fat mothers in.

The plan was to put the audio recording of this entire show up as the first PRPQ podcast on The Benatical, my sister podcast site. Sadly for a number of reasons, the entire show failed to record in good enough quality to share and I had to scrap all but the ten minutes you're about to encounter here...

This segment features most of the between round banter, including my favourite part of the show - the "Does Your Mother Know?" sketch along with a few beats borrowed from Reeves and Mortimer, some Python Pepperpot screeching and Josh's joke, which is his genuine favourite gag of all time that we trailed throughout the hour long show. You won't have to wait that long thankfully!

I've got recordings of other shows in full that I will start putting up but we're in the process of working out better ways to film and record video and audio for future promotion, as well as the potential idea of trying Patreon. But that's all in the future, for now step a few days into the past and wish all your mothers a lovely day from me. Smashing blouses etc.