Tuesday, 29 March 2016

QUIZ: Egg Like A Bird's Egg

Hey there! Welcome back! Did you have a lovely Easter? Probably sick of the sight of chocolate! With even the slightest mention of "eggs" making you feel bilious to the gills!! Well, not to worry as today's lunchtime quiz here on the blog is devoted to...um, Easter Eggs. Thankfully these are the sort that are hidden in various media, be it some easily missed prop in the background of a film or TV show, a bonus found only via inputting a secret code or any variation on the two.

Got it? So, for today's quiz, I want to know: where are the following deliberately vague easter eggs to be found? Answers soon.

1. When the main character enters the shed, Freddy Krueger's glove is visible above the door. 

2. The arrow points from A to Z indicating the huge range of products available online. 

3. While playing as Bernard, go to Weird Ed's room and "use" his computer to play the previous game in the series. 

4. All of this company's films feature the number "A113" hidden somewhere. 

5. The deluxe set has a hidden 'ultimate' card in the lining of the box which ensures a instant win. 

6. It's believed there is at least one alien hidden in every episode of this series (although the creators have lost track.) 

7. On IMDb, the listing for this film has a rating that goes up to 11.

8. If you shoot the final boss in the face and clip through the wall behind him, you'll encounter the backwards message shouting head of the game's creator on a pike. 

9. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider appear as guests at a coronation taking place in the film that followed their own.  

10. Search for "do a barrel roll" or "askew" or "anagram" or "bletchley park" or...etc etc... 

You'll find the answers under Histor's Eye...