Monday, 14 March 2016

QUIZ: The Master Race

For today's lunchtime quiz I thought I'd go back to the very first picture round I ever ran in The Red Pig, home of my longest stint as quizmaster and first really as a proper grown adult with my own teeth and penises. That I chose to base said handout on a recent Doctor Who episode in which everyone could take on the appearance of John Simm's The Master (to the extent that Doctor Who Magazine printed a free mask, which I wore throughout the answer section of the evening) may however suggest I wasn't quite ready to grow up any time soon.

Using that same mask I decided to crudely shove ten famous faces into John Simm's bleached bonce to the bemusement of...well, most punters. But strangely, they came back. The question now is, will you???? See you tomorrow...

Right click and open in new window to see the image larger. Answers below.