Wednesday, 30 March 2016

QUIZ: On First Name Terms

Cool Hand Alan. There's Something About Wossname. Thingy and Douffer's Excellent Etc.

Just some of the film title names that have become synonymous with movies. And cinema. And films. But what if you strip away those famous first names and just leave the less uttered surnames, would you still know what film you were watching?

Lets find out with today's lunchtime quiz! Here are ten surnames of famous characters whose names appear in the title of the movies they are known for. Obviously, I've not put the full film title if there's more than one word because a). some characters have appeared in more than one film and b). writing "There's Something About Jensen" would be a bit of a giveaway. I have given the year of that character's first appearance though as a hint because I'm basically the new Jesus.

TL;DR - What are the first names of these movie characters?

1. Rockatansky (1979)

2. Poulain (2001)

3. Riley (2004)

4. Callahan (1971)

5. Sagdiyev (2006)

6. Burbank (1998)

7. MacGuff (2007)

8. White (1976)

9. Freeman (2012)

10. Burns and Albright (1989)

Answers below.