Friday, 11 March 2016

QUIZ: Ten Years Ago In A Cinema Near You

"Hooray for Hollywood / something something something Hollywood / where the trams go up / and the knickers come down / You can see the stars / like Ted Ray / and Paul Bown / Oh that's / bastard Hollywooooooood"...

Yes! Today we're off to the movies...specifically the movies this week ten years ago. And what a strange time it was with some really low rent titles battling for space with Oscar bait, not to mention Josh Hartnett not only being allowed to be in films but headline over Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis! But what film did he do that in? And why was it allowed?

Well, I can't help with the latter but today's quiz features those top ten UK Box Office films from exactly ten years ago, minus their titles. Photoshop skills is tight.

Answers below.