Wednesday, 6 April 2016

AUDIO: Punk Rock Pub Quiz Podcast 1

Punk Rock Pub Quiz - a book, a blog but originally the name was used for a monthly live event I run with my musician friends Josh Tildesley (bass), Oscar Manthorp (guitar/trumpet/penny whistle/whatever you hand to him), Sam Drury (guitar) and Patch Kelly (drums). A combination of comedy gig, rock show and pub quiz, it's a unique mixture of songs, questions and sketches designed around a monthly theme.

April 2016's theme was "Wrestling and Owls" celebrating the twin hobbies of the PRPQ band and was performed and recorded on April 3rd, 2016 just before Wrestlemania at the Exchange, Keighley. Each show is a one-off performance due to the whole 'quiz answers' element but for the first time you can hear the whole show (minus a few visual elements for sanity's sake) right flipping now in the first Punk Rock Pub Quiz Podcast!

Highlights include: a trip to The Rock's kitchen, more owl facts than any one person could ever want or humanly need in one lifetime (about seven), we learn about the Brock Lobster, wrestlers in the movies, a loving tribute to the works of John Cena, a chance to meet the band's squared circle alter-egos, a terrifying rendition of an Aqua favourite and we settle that age old eternal question - which *is* better: wrestling or owls?

You can stream or download the 40 minute show here...

Or use this more direct download link (right click and save.)  

And here's a bit of video taken from the audience of the band's wrestling alter egos taking the stage (bar my own "Owltimate Warrior" which was clearly the best one...)

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