Friday, 15 April 2016

QUIZ: 1 Million Watts of Music Power

And so I reach the last day of my impromptu 1996 themed week in conjunction with the wonderful From The Sublime podcast and whilst there's been plenty about the music of the era, what about the hardy souls who brought us the ignorable inane chatter around those hit tracks on the wireless? Funnily enough, I've a quiz for that! So here's the regular Radio 1 lineup from April 1996, how many do you remember? 

Followed by Wendy Lloyd and Clive Warren but you try find a picture of the latter from the 90s where he doesn't look half dead with biscuits round his mouth. Of course, most of the above DJs can now be found at Radio 2 now. Speaking of which......

Answers after you name three from Then Jericho in ten seconds.