Friday, 22 April 2016

QUIZ: Eight Word BBC2 Tango

On April 20th 1964, a new television channel called BBC Two proudly launched with a live show of music, comedy, drama and a giant fireworks display. At least that's what would've happened had Battersea Power Station not caught fire sending the channel into black out. Famously the first real programme to air instead was the following morning's "Play School", which ultimately as fine a debut as any channel could ask for.

Since then BBC Two has been bastion of the higher purpose with more cerebral, worthwhile programming than its sister channels, where the arts could thrive and experiments could be made in drama and comedy...until about 1999 when it became mostly renovation and cooking programmes. But let's not dwell on that and instead remember the great shows that first started out on the second channel. And that can only mean...

Yes, its time (well...two days late) for another bunch of programmes reduced to just eight words for you to guess. All of this selection began life on BBC2 and years on air have been provided to offer an extra hint. Answers after they show The Goodies...

1. Despite what he says, it wasn't the news. (1994)

2. Price of the car was the only reasonable thing. (1977)

3. Thirty one years in nine episodes. Northern powerhouse. (1996)

4. Former controller reinvents both nature docs and himself. (1979)

5. Bed, breakfast and a poor recognition of hamsters. (1975)

6. Rapid relaying of character catchphrases. Which was nice. (1994)

7. Could you happen to provide any employment, friend? (1982)

8. Life in showbiz is hard, especially when talentless. (1987)

9. The aged music seal of approval. No humming. (1971)

10. It wasn't on the trolley. Victorious on T.V. (1985)

No Maurice Mitcheners were harmed during the making of this quiz.