Tuesday, 12 April 2016

QUIZ: Eight Word TV Tango 2

Keeping the mid nineties theme from yesterday going, here's an all new 8 Word TV Tango, a quiz where the premise of ten well known telly programmes are reduced to eight simple words. To help, this selection of cryptic channel-stuffers all originally appeared on the box in 1996. And amazingly, none of them are the Doctor Who TV movie...

1. Blokes in Ben Sherman bray for Black Grape.

2. She's not Clarissa anymore but she's still magic.

3. Single both sex lawyers! Having lots of sex! 

4. Surprisingly fun felt revival is unsurprisingly quickly cancelled.

5. English priest moves to comically named Irish town.

6. Wobbly women whipping up some feasts; now deceased.

7. Jokes about Dick are frequent; alien to me. 

8. Pathology has its insides revealed by Amanda Burton. 

9. Who needs a budget when you've got toys?

10. Funny man remakes funny scripts. Not that funny.

Answers after someone gets through an entire episode of Millennium.