Tuesday, 19 April 2016

QUIZ: Laughing With

We all like a laugh, don't we? Except Nicky "No Laughs" Noggington. And Judge Doom off of Roger Rabbit. Oh, and your dad. But the rest of us do and for no better reason than today being the birthday of both Dudley Moore and Ruby Wax, here's a simple comedy quiz.

So...who released the following stand up shows on VHS / DVD?

1. First Class Scamp, Birdstrike!, Hooves, Sausage Time

2. Bites Yer Bum!, Was It Something I Said?, ...And Albert

3. Definite Article, Glorious, Sexie, Force Majeure

4.  Go You Ahead Hmmn…!, Says Bull’cks to Europe, The Cornish Ambassador

5. Different Planet Tour, XL, Roadrunner

6. Live And Unleashed, Live and Loud, So Much Things To Say

7. Live And Squeaky, Twin Squeaks, Does He Really Talk Like That? 

8. Alive And Kidding, Live At The Queen Vic, Being Frank – The Guvnor's Last Stand

9. Sold Out, Live in Your Own Home, At the Albert Hall

10. Live 'N' Lewd, The Man Who Thinks He's It, As Alan Partridge And Other Less Successful Characters – Live

Answers after some jail.