Monday, 18 April 2016

QUIZ: Rick Moranis - The Animated Series

Put on your best tweed suit, learn accountancy and feed your love interest's violent sociopathic dentist partner to a carnivorous alien plant because it's Rick Moranis' Birthday! Born this day in 1953, opinion on Moranis was skewed for a long time thanks to his appearance in some notably rotten 90s movies, such as Splitting Heirs, The Flintstones and Big Bully making his name an easy laugh with his disappearance from the cinema only revealed as self-imposed retirement to look after his kids long after.

Personally speaking, I've always been a huge fan thanks to his appearance on a number of my favourite films, particularly Ghostbusters, Strange Brew and my favourite movie musical ever, Little Shop Of Horrors. He also seemed a regular face on my telly not just for his films but the fact he was the inspiration for not one but two cartoon series of my youth - 1990's "Gravedale High" in which he played a regular teacher in charge of a class full of distinctly 90s takes on classic cinematic monsters.

Then the following year there was the equally short lived "Little Shop" which dropped the "Of Horrors" and didn't feature Moranis as such but rather his character Seymour, now a young boy in charge of an unruly and hungry - but importantly now no longer murderous - plant.

Nowadays celebrity endorsements in cartoons stretch to guest voices here and there, such as David Bowie in Spongebob Squarepants but in my youth, there was an explosion of animated shows that stuck famous faces front and centre in desperate bid to drag in an audience, regardless of they were kid friendly or not. Can you tell who these animated celebrities leading up their own shows are meant to be?

Answers after this episode of "Limozeen....But They're In Space!"