Thursday, 7 April 2016

QUIZ: To The End

Today's quiz is all about TV end boards, IDEANTS and closing logos. Or to give them their more common industry term, vanity plates. So, whassat when its at 'ome? Well, this is one:

As is this:

Its the thing that appears right at the end of a programme, almost always from the U.S., which tells you who made it. Some are dowdy and dull, others like Chuck Lorre's programmes (Mom, Two And A Half Jokes, Them Funny Nerds! etc.) which usually include a small essay at the end or the changing backwards messages after episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (invariably the male cast chanting about something brown) are frenetic and quirky.

Today's quiz is interested in those with a bit of speech over the final moments, a brief one to two second blast before the adverts kick in. Name any U.S. TV programme you'd hear the following lines over the very end segments...

1. "Night Mr Walters..."

2. "Fremulon!" / "Not a Doctor!"

3. "I made this!"

4. "That's some bad hat Harry!"

5. "Grr! Arrgh!"

6. "Bye, have a wonderful time!" / "Bye, have a beautiful time!"

7. "Greg, move your head!"

8. "Abso Lutely"

9. "Did you get any of that?" / "Its-a good show!"

10. "Shhh!"

Answers after this commercial break...