Monday, 16 May 2016

AUDIO: Punk Rock Pub Quiz Podcast 2

And the Europop (pop) makes me dizzy...

With it being just in time for be over, what better opportunity than to share 2015's live Punk Rock Pub Quiz celebration of all things spangly, warbling and tactically voting for the bloody Ukraine even though we all judged it joint worst and whats with that bloody Poland vote grumble etc?

In this 45 minute full show, there's a salute to the great movie wars, fun with palindromes, Conchita Wurst's Bearded Ladies, a man with a box on his head (visual humour), the greatest rendition of Low Rider you'll ever hear, Johnny Logan's "Whats Another Year?" Game, a terrifying tribute to the Fizz and a special appearance by the late, great Sir Lord Wogan. Insert obvious joke about nil points. When's them butter churning women back on?

Or use this handy embedded player thing:

And yes, we should definitely lose that sax solo...