Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May The 4th Be Wossname!

Its May the 4th, more commonly known by the kids as "Hawk The Slayer Day", in which we all watch "Galaxina" and "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone In 3D" in only our pants. Another film people seem to like is "Star Wars" although I don't know much about it myself. I think it's the one where The Fugitive from Indiana Jones shoots a gun first and another man with a black tin box on his head says "THAT'S NO MOOG!"

As such, if you came here today hoping for a special Stars War quiz to celebrate, I'm afraid I can't help...unless, I wonder if I've still got that book lying about... ah yes, here it is. The tome of all things important. THE 2000AD SPACE QUIZ BOOK! 

Published in 1980 by the Mirror Group, this covers all topics space, stars and war based as shown by that magnificent cover where all of space is represented by a knock-off NASA shuttle, "Probably Saturn", a giant Malteser and a giant close up of the Mekon's face. No, not even editor Tharg the Mighty gets the cover of his own damn comic's spin-off! 

And so from that powerful publication comes this very special Star Wars Day quiz!!!

Yep, thats "The Princess". No further name needed here, my friend. Just some drugs. (If actually required, the answers are here.) The same quizzical compendium of space smarts also provides this devious little number. Can you work it out? 

But if you're wanting something with a bit more punch (and a lot more me shouting in it), here's an exclusive seven minute section from a recent Punk Rock Pub Quiz live show in which we talked about the then spanking new "The Force Awakens" with my new rejected theme song, a moving tribute to one of the UK's finest pop trios, loads of 'spoilers' and some general titting around. Enjoy your Wars!