Tuesday, 10 May 2016

QUIZ: Alpha Beta Gaga

"Derek! Have a word with yourself! There's a room there full of Balan Driscool LPs, Rolf's Rollers and Betamax Players! Its a load of old rubbish!", so said TV Rodney from "Only Fools The Horses". Probably.

For an entire generation, Sony's Betamax became a very quick reference point to describe obsolete media in sitcoms and other shows in need of a quick laugh. The also-ran. Second place. Must try harder. Of course, purists of the machine will point out its actual superiority to that the VHS system which only took off because it was easier to record tapes for and also you could get porn and Alexei Sayle's Pirate Video for it. IMHO. FACTS ETC.

Despite it losing out to VHS in Europe, it was however only in March 2016 that the final tapes made for the machine were produced due to a strong following in Japan where it was first launched back in 1975.

With today being the anniversary of that launch, I figured a good old niche quiz about defunct video and music devices was in order.

And so here's ten of them...

Answers after a joke about the Zune. Zunes anybody? No.