Monday, 9 May 2016

QUIZ: Are We Not Mr Men?

I think its fair to say we've all had the conversation "Who would win in a fight between Mr Tickle and Mr Bounce?" in the boozer, often throwing in a side bet for Mr Rush vs The Flash and Little Miss Naughty to retain the Divas belt after retirement. But what of their creator Roger Hargreaves? Despite his tragically early death in 1988 aged just 53, his is a style recognisable to children of multiple generations and surely one of the most recognisable signatures all over the world.

Being as today would've been his 81st birthday, I think its only fitting a quiz in his honour should be played to test your memory of all things Mister (but not Little Misses because I AM A BOY AND DID NOT READ SUCH THINGS OBVIOUSLY.)

Look at this list and tell me which are real Mr Men and which are Mr Rection (misdirection) (word humour) (thanks)? Five are legitimate titles created during Roger's lifetime and five are inventions by me.

And now all rise for our national colours...

Answers after Arthur Lowe has a nice, relaxing poo. And Douglas Blackwell does NOTHING.