Tuesday, 3 May 2016

QUIZ: Bye Bye Bill Macrae

I know you'll have already written your cards and posted your body liquids in a jiffy bag to his house long ago but for those who didn't know, today marks the 57th birthday of David Ball, more affectionately known as "the other bloke from Soft Cell", marking a fine tradition in pop of "other blokes" in bands who aren't the focal point. Sure they might make the album cover but do they make the pin ups on teenagers' walls? I don't know, I'm not a pervo. Thanks.

So here's a quiz dedicated to the "other blokes" in famous pop duos, which band they are from and who is / was the other member? Answers after Ricky G*rv**s falls in a well. Just because.

1. David A. Stewart
(Band most active between 1980 - 1990)

2. Richard Coles
(Band most active between 1985 - 1988)

3. Geoff Downes
(Band most active between 1977 - 1981)

4. Ben Watt
(Band most active between 1982 - 2000)

5. Will Gregory
(Band most active between 1999 - present)

6. Daniel Jones 
(Band most active between 1996 - 2000)

7. Chris Lowe
(Band most active between 1981 - present)

8. Mark Brydon
(Band most active between 1994 - 2003)

9. Steve Peregrin Took
(Band most active between 1967 - 1969)

10. Big Boi
(Band most active between 1994 - 2006)

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