Wednesday, 18 May 2016

QUIZ: Comedy Books - My Part In Their Downfall

In 2014, I released a book devoted to my love of the TV comedy spin-off books that were frequent stocking fillers from the seventies to the nineties when audiences wanted to spend more time in the company of their favourite telly characters outside of the inevitable six episodes a year. No repeats or video releases? A comedy cash-in would tide you over whilst making a rather cheap and easy Christmas gift for that relative you remember laughing once in 1973.

Today, back in 2016, inspired by the latest Backlisted Podcast, I'm reissuing my "Comedy Cash-In Book Book" in a heavily expanded and revised form as an eBook exclusive for just 99p. You can go buy it here. And my other blog has some more information on what it all means here.

But that doesn't put quiz on the table, does it? So as a bit of crafty self-interest, here's a trivia teaser about books by comedians. Not these comedy cash-ins, autobiographies or lazy reworked stand-up routines crammed on paper but actual - gosh - NOVELS by comedy types! Some serious, some for kids, none by Rob Newman, tell me which funny person wrote the following books?

1. Stark (1989), Popcorn (1996), Inconceivable (1999)

2. Puckoon (1963), Badjelly the Witch (1973), The Looney: An Irish Fantasy (1987)

3. Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen (1996), SilverFin (2005), The Enemy (2009)

4. The Liar (1992), Making History (1996), The Stars' Tennis Balls (2000)

5. Shopgirl (2000), The Pleasure of My Company (2003), An Object of Beauty (2010)

6. Flight From Deathrow (2002), Tim the Tiny Horse (2006), The Further Adventures of the Queen Mum (2007)

7. Small Harry and the Toothache Pills (1982), Hemingway's Chair (1995), The Truth (2012)

8. The Boy in the Dress (2008), Mr Stink (2009), Gangsta Granny (2011)

9. A Tiny Bit Marvellous (2010), Oh Dear Silvia (2012), According to Yes (2015)

10. Mr Lonely (1981), The Reluctant Vampire (1982), The Vampire's Revenge (1983)

And while you're thinking about them, maybe buy a book

Answers after Rob Newman invents some oil.