Friday, 20 May 2016

QUIZ: Don't Cut Me Down (Anthropophagous The Beast In Blue)

For someone like me who grew up in the 80's with the dawn of video recorders in many homes and a boom of tapes to play on it, there's always a real nostalgia when looking back, in particular to those days "pre-cert" when anyone could release anything without an official rating from the BBFC, the British Board of Film Censors who judged releases at that time solely for cinema viewing. Whilst being too young to truly appreciate it, there were plenty of news reports and references in comedy programmes to "Video nasties" which became the phrase to describe anything vaguely naughty on VHS.

It was this along with the problems films such as "Reservoir Dogs" had when I was just about going to video shops on my own (still far too young but nobody batted an eyelid at what I got out) and the controversy surrounding films like the rotten "Child's Play 3" that made me grow up assuming the film censors were just humourless gits who wanted to cut all the good bits out of films. In recent years however, the BBFC have made a complete shift towards openness and encouraging interaction with the public, with a fascinating podcast and a website featuring lots of archive reports on old movies. And its into those reports we dig today...

Which ten well-known films are being discussed here in genuine snippets from the real BBFC reports of the time? 

(Names of characters and the films themselves have been 'carefully' censored by me)





All images (bar the dodgy bloke) copyright BBFC

The answers are here:

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