Tuesday, 24 May 2016

QUIZ: My Beautiful Ratmobile

It'll come as a surprise to the few of you regular readers of this blog that, to keep things fresh, I like to base my quizzes around anniversaries or historical events of note and it was while researching today in history that I saw the following:

May 24th 1988 – Section 28 of the United Kingdom's Local Government Act 1988, a controversial amendment stating that a local authority cannot intentionally promote homosexuality, is enacted.

Even though I was young when it was first introduced, I still remember this ridiculous, insulting and offensive bill being brought to power, not least of all because of various comedy shows ridiculing it. Its a fascinating if depressing bit of recent British history and I urge you all to read up further on it so we are always ready to fight such old-dated unpleasantness if such thinking. I knew I had to do a powerful, thought-provoking quiz to mark the occasion....

...and then I noticed it was also the anniversary of Ray Alan's death. He was never off television with that sodding "posho" puppet Lord Charles when I was a kid but no matter how good a ventriloquist Alan was, he could never hide the fact he had a rubbish puppet. 

And so after a fabulously unnecessary and long-winded introduction, I figured "sod it" and threw both ideas together. The following are all screenshots from ten films voted amongst the 50 greatest pieces of LGBT cinema as voted for by a distinguished panel of experts for Time Out magazine. In the place of an actor however I have silkily and with great skill replaced them with a rubbish TV puppet of the past. If I hadn't told you, you'd never know, I swear. 

And so now, may I proudly present the Official Punk Rock Pub QuizTM round....


Point for the film, point for the puppets. If it helps, I meant well...

1. Kevin The Gerbil in My Beautiful Laundrette, Edd The Duck in Midnight Cowboy, 3. Pob in My Own Private Idaho, 4. Nobby The Sheep in Pride, 5. Badger (Bodger and Badger) in Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, 6. Dooby Duck in Heavenly Creatures, 7. Zippy in Milk, 8. Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs) in Boys Don't Cry, 9. Orville in Dog Day Afternoon, 10. Rodge and Podge in Brokeback Mountain.