Thursday, 26 May 2016

QUIZ: The Postie At The Gates At Dawn

Right, well its been a super successful week here at the Punk Rock Pub Quiz site with lots of you enjoying the previous three days' quizzes. But now the pressures on, will I be able to produce a fourth golden egg to match those (figuratively, not anus) winning games? Maybe I should look at whats trending on Twitter and dive in on a real zeitgeist surfing moment....

Johnny Depp? Nah. Edexcelmaths? Ugh, god no. Monaco GP? That a foreign doctor based thing? Ah here we go...Pink Floyd are trending. Why? Oh, because they're being honoured with their own set of special commemorative Royal Mail stamps. *shrugs shoulders* Well, if that's what the kids are into...

Name the events, anniversaries or subjects of these ten special edition Royal Mail stamps from the 1960s to present day.

Answers below. I hope this quiz achieved your "stamp" of approval (joke).

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