Tuesday, 17 May 2016

QUIZ: Spitting Back The Years

Its that time of year, now that Spring is in the air.... when that one wet git looks back at a UK Top 40 and realises its thirty years today since "The Chicken Song" by Spitting Image first took its place at the top of the singles charts for a radio-bothering three week run.

In reality, "Spitting Image" was the brand but the song was actually performed by Phil Pope with his Radio Active / KYTV co-star Michael Fenton Stevens and Kate Robbins, whilst the lyrics came from the show's then head writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor who were still 18 months away from getting the whole nation saying "Have a curry you smeghead" with their sitcom Red Dwarf.  A pastiche of Black Lace and the grim trend for "holiday hits", the song was a little ahead of summer time when it had debuted on the show weeks earlier but the recent series had ended 4th May 1986 and the single was in shops the day after, hanging on in the chart until August. It was somewhat ironically knocked off the top by Doctor and The Medics' equally grating novelty cover of "Spirit In The Sky".

The end of each Spitting Image episode would generally be given over to a comedy song or parody of then-current pop acts with few spared by Pope and the cast thanks to the eighties in particular being a rich seam for ridiculous musical turns to poke fun at. Today's quiz drags up 12 of those rubber pop lookalikes and asks "WHO THEY?" because its a quiz site and we do that sort of thing here. Did I say "latex lampoonery"yet? Puppet fun all round!

Answers before The South Bank Show later tonight.