Thursday, 30 June 2016

QUIZ: What Night Is Corbyns?

I try not to get too political on the quiz site, especially after last week's clusterfudge of events here in the UK but it can't have escaped many people's attention that a man called Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party. But maybe you didn't know that because you've not read the newspapers since Diana died or perhaps you have been busy watching all 37 seasons of "Those Americans Next Door!" on Netflix. But relax! Help is at hand with this very easy new quiz:

Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy, Corr or Bin?

Are the following facts about a). the leader of the Labour Party (at time of writing), b). Jeremy from the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy", c). Caroline Corr or d). dustbins?

1. Worked on a pig farm in Jamaica. 

2. Known to fans as the "Chick with Stick".

3. Takes pictures of manhole covers.

4. Bit the recess lady's breast. 

5. Were first introduced to England in 1875.

6. Appointed honorary MBE in 2005.

7. Dislikes people who make a mess with the toothpaste.

8. Got two Es at A-level.

9. Won the Parliamentary "Beard of the Year Award" a record six times

10. Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street lives in one of these.

How do you think you did? Lets find out, shall we?

Join me tomorrow for our new quiz "Michael Gove OR A Hole In My Arse?"


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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

QUIZ: Movies Games And Videos (No Videos)

On this day in 1982 Universal Studios filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America claiming Donkey Kong violated the original copyright to King Kong. Which, y'know, it did. Although I don't remember the bit where King Kong chucked barrels down a construction site but that was probably in the director's cut. Cinema and computer games have long been confusing and damn right awkward bedfellows, from Super Mario Bros:The Movie to Warcraft, although the latter seems to be breaking through the usual barriers most video game adaptations have by not being shit.

Before there was the budget to actually make games into cinematic masterpieces or for that matter games with more advanced storylines than "Eat all that shit and avoid ghosts" or "Shoot the piss out of them things above", movies still tried to cram in video game references to nod to the teenage audience that they were dead hip and in the groove with the hip n' happening likes of QBert, Galaga and Horace Goes Skiing.

What are these films featuring hot video game action? 

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BONUS! See loads more video games in movies in this brilliant twenty minute supercut:

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

QUIZ: Adventures In Time And Face

Happy birthday Lalla Ward!

Not only were you one of the most beloved companions to The Doctor at one of the most successful periods in the show's history but you played Romana II, an actual Time Lord of your very own. Few people travelling in the TARDIS back in the day could take on the title character for intellect and pluck AND could regenerate when necessary.

But what if Romana regenerated again? But could only regenerate into the forms of people who shared the exact same birth date as Lalla Ward? And people had to name who it was that had taken over the companion roles to various Doctors. Well with the most advanced digital rendering technology, we can make that a possibility! Sounds like a quiz to me.

Who's new at helping Who? 

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Friday, 24 June 2016

QUIZ: World Music With Nigel Farage

Hi there! Remember me! That's right, its on the tip of your, not Kenny G, he was another early 90s brief MOR pop act. I'm Kenny Thomas and boy howdy, I'm not 'thinking about your love' today but the UK. See, despite my 1993 No. 22 hit "Stay", Britain has gotten itself into a little bit of an 'outstanding' doozy, voting to leave the EU despite the obvious requirements for travel, access to the common market and trade. Clearly not the 'best of you', yessiree!

(NOTE TO SELF: should probably check where Kenny Thomas is from.)

To celebrate this victory for close-minded old bastards everywhere, its time for a special quiz. Can you name the home countries of these 15 popular beat combos and singers. Or...

...where would Nigel Farage send the following musical artists back to? 

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(Kenny Thomas is from Islington, London)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Remain In Light

No politics today or trying to change your mind over the referendum. Just a quick quiz.

What one word connects Top 20 hits for Shakespears Sister, Sash, Rihanna, Eternal, The Hollies, Bernard Butler, Jackson Browne, Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, Stephen Gately and Kygo ft Maty Noyes? 

Answers on a postcard to: Ian Normal, Up The Taffin and Cramsis, "Wilt".

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

QUIZ: Faces For Radio

Radio, its the sound salvation. Radio, its ebby deeby dation.

Not my words but those of Elvis Costello who was a big fan of the wireless, especially Waggoner's Walk, The Grumbleweeds Radio Show and Week Ending. (That's a joke of course, nobody liked Week Ending.) But it is a magnificent medium that I've grown up with an absolute respect for, in particular radio comedy programmes. TV can fill the screen with guest stars, gimmicks and Ricky G***ais not being funny in slow motion but radio has to stand on the strength of its jokes and characters. Also: sometimes Clare In The Community is on.

Several of my favourite radio shows of recent years have been written by a chap called John Finnemore, including his sketch show Souvenir Programme which at time of writing this is being repeated every Friday at 11:30am on Radio 4. Its the sort of sketch show I always wish I could have written but never had a fraction of his talent. I'd be bitter but I'm too busy laughing like an idiot to care. Indeed, I've had to ban that and the equally wonderful Fags Mags and Bags from my trips round Morrisons for sudden cases of explosive sniggering.

In case you were wondering, that picture above is of Finnemore and his cast, which is almost a rarity for a BBC Radio Four production - an actually decent group photo. Today's quiz is all about naming the radio programme from its assembled cast members and wasn't easy to compile. Just one photo of the And Now In Colour cast that isn't just Tim Firth from about 15 years later! Did nobody take a camera to a Mary Whitehouse Experience Radio 1 taping? And as for In One Ear!!! ...that was also a thing.

Here are the casts from ten well known radio shows, some of which converted to TV, some of which are just legendary in themselves. Can you name that radio comedy?

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Monday, 20 June 2016

QUIZ: Looking Back At Look In 5

For children of the 1970s in Britain there were three certainties:

  1. Getting into a Rolls-Royce in Stoke Mandeville was ill-advised. 
  2. Look-In magazine will feature an alarming hand-painted front cover of the biggest in vogue celebrity, musician or TV star (assuming that star is on an ITV programme only)
  3. The Grimleys is on. 

Moving back to number two and its always a source of joy to compile quizzes about old magazines as they really are the closest thing to a direct time tunnel with access to everything you could possibly need from that period in history. Or more likely with Look-In, a selection of baffled "WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?" (I was born in 1980, we didn't allow Skiboys.) pointing. 

And I still haven't gotten over whatever this is...

So to help in my identification process, here are four front covers as its time to ask...
"Who the f**k Look-In?" 

Click here for the answers: 

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All rise, Sir Gingerbeard Gwapenuts...

AUDIO: Punk Rock Pub Quiz Podcast 3

Another live Punk Rock Pub Quiz show, initially performed in April 2015

Ben goes all Michael Parkinson, Rage Against The Machine decide to give some pop favourites a shouty touch up, fictional characters declare their true political intentions, Bjork says shush, we finally answer the all important question "Kanye or Hitler?" and find out where Nigel Farage would send back your favourite musical artist. 

Recorded over a year ago and some things never change, eh? Sigh. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

QUIZ: OJ Go (or Acts Of Intimidation)

June 17th, 1994 was a strange day for sports in America.

Not only was it the first full day of the World Cup but also there were big events in golf (Arnold Palmer's final round in the US Open), baseball (Ken Griffey Jr tying Babe Ruth's record of most home runs in a season and other stuff I've patently just copied off Wikipedia.

But much more interesting that any of those was the breaking news cutting into many of those events' broadcasts showing former American Footballist and Bloke Off The Naked Gun Fillums, O.J. Simpson in what appeared to be possibly the slowest car chase ever recorded anywhere. The event quickly became legendary and was ruthlessly parodied by the likes of Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live and South Park (with the infamous "Chewbacca defense". ) Little did anyone know this was the start of the biggest media circuses the 20th century had ever seen.

Cut to over 20 years later and Simpson is in jail...but not for that. And just as people are starting to forget the details, along comes the mini-series "The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story" in which the alarmingly recent events are fully re-enacted by an all star cast, including Cuba Gooding Jnr as O.J. and John Travolta as...Craig T Nelson? No, wait, Robbie Rotten off Lazytown! The Spitting Image puppet of Boris Yeltsin??

Here are some other famous people playing other famous people in dramatic re-enactments. Who are they and who are they meant to be? 

Its been a hard week in the world so hope you all got through it in one piece and have a smashing weekend. Don't forget you can still join me on Twitter and Facebook for more content if that's your sort of thing. And it flipping well should! Stay safe, everybody. x

Thursday, 16 June 2016

QUIZ: 8 Word Reithian Rumba

John Reith was by all accounts a tough, God-fearing man of extreme principle. Despite only being employed the BBC for a quarter of his working life, his tenure as initially the general manager and eventual Director General of the newly formed British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) is a period that defined what the BBC should represent and its stature in the world.

By the time of his death on June 16th 1971, Reith was long gone from the institution and was known for holding little love for the changing ideals of his former employer, especially on television, a format he never truly welcomed. So he'd LOVE today's quiz which is all about TV - specifically BBC television programmes that aired in the lifetime of the Baron himself.

Its testament to just how great the BBC is that many of these programmes and formats are still going or are beloved in the minds of the British public. And so I ask...

Can you work out these classic TV programmes when given just brief eight word cyrptic clues?

1. Biddy's boat-bearing badges for boys and girls. 
(1958 - present)

2. Cha Cha or Viennese Waltz? Not strictly bothered. 
(1949 - 98)

3. Well mannered boys reinvent the wheel; kill parrot. 

4. Fire up the 'Vidiprinter', lets see the results. 
(1958 – present)

5. The week's sounds linked by scrawny old bastard. 
(1964 - 2006)

6. Trandem-straddling gents seek work. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. 

7. It is "Not real sport. Just sporting thought." 
(1970 – present)

8. God's Sunday lunch disturbed by warbling well wishers.
(1961 - present))

9.  Troubled comic delights nation bloodlessly for set period.  

10. Whistle. Whistle whistle whistle whistle? Whistle whistle, whistle! 
(1969–74, 2015–present)

11. Back home, there's a war on. Keep guard. 

12. Adventures in time and space. RTD MUST GO. 
(1963 - present)

And now the answers....

John Reith (20th July 1889 - 16th June 1971) 
A legacy worth fighting for. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

QUIZ: Vizion On With Noddy Holder

Today is Noddy Holder's birthday, he is 70 years old.

When most people think of Nod, the first thing in their heads in probably something akin to this:

It might even be this:

But only seemingly in my head does this turn up front and centre....

...a one-off strip from issue 48 of Viz Comic in 1991 featuring a youthful yet still fully mutton-chopped Holder who is soon to become obsessed with magic (the full strip will appear at the bottom of the quiz.) Such as my obsession and love of Viz that my brain regularly flicks to  the many celebrity parodies that have appeared over the years whenever said star is in the news. Much of the time, the comic would place the star in a surreal, Beano-esque adventure although real life celebs would also show up in the long-running Roger Mellie, The Man On The Telly strip too.

Who are these sixteen celebs as interpreted by Viz?

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An entire Viz quiz that was entirely safe for work! What were the chances?


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

QUIZ: Hasta la Victoria Sponge Siempre (Happy Birthday Beautiful!)

Some call him a revolutionary, a true leader for the people and a champion for the underdog.

Others say he was a murderous, homophobic, commie war criminal.

I say...he's a very good excuse for a quiz as we celebrate a very special birthday today. But enough about our lass, its also the birth date of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, born June 14th 1928. And whilst I might not know much about political history of the fifties and Marxist-Leninist political rhetoric, neither do most of the slack-jawed knuckleheads who gleefully wear shirts with his face on it in the 21st century.

You know the famous shot, Guevara in his jaunty hat, looking upwards perhaps at a particularly troublesome wasp. So in tribute to that most famous of student T-shirt purchases...

...who is replacing Che in these somewhat predictable spoofs? 

Click here for the answers...

 With apologies to all the hardworking artists whose work I've swiftly and lovingly ripped off for this feature. And further apologies for not making to fit in this beauty as well...

Thanks for joining us on this special day. And remember, if you like the quizzes, please share the quizzes. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more of the same but in slightly different formats. Happy birthday beautiful people everywhere! 

Monday, 13 June 2016

QUIZ: The Joy Of Sets

Picture the scene. 

June 13th. 2003. Sheffield. A bunch of young, sweaty boys have just played their first proper rock gig. They have passion, determination and songs the audience could die for. Their name? Ian Flimpson and The Gruffly Men. Meanwhile, on the same day over at The Grapes pub, also in Sheffield, the Arctic Monkeys also had a debut gig for which they received £27 from ticket sales.

It's not always obvious who's going to rocket to the top and it inevitably comes down to the music and how well its put together and presented. And that's where the trusty set list comes along. Every band worth their salt has had a handwritten one of these in front of them when playing a major early gig and likewise some smart person has gone "ooh, I'm having that for eBay" after they've played. 

Here are twelve genuine set lists from various stages in very famous bands careers. Based on the songs and the clues within, can you work out who they are? Some are more obvious than others whilst a few need to work on their cursive script but...

...whose set lists are these? 

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

25% Off Punk Rock Pub Quiz Books TODAY ONLY

Just for today, Lulu the self-publishing site I use to make books with, are giving a huge 25% off print books with the regally-themed STREET25 code upon checkout. 

All sales help me continue to do this, which is for the love ultimately but doesn't pay. No tiny violins here, I chose to be a writer and just want people to enjoy the books I've written. Be good to be able to pay for my web space and podcast hosting though. You can also get all the books by my good friend and recent guest quiz writer Tim Worthington here with the same offer.

Stuff the Queen, God save the Quiz!

Friday, 10 June 2016

QUIZ: One Way Or Another (Or Genuine Facts You Might Actually Want To Know)

No time for pleasantries today! We take you now live to Wikipedia where some facts are already in progress: "1829 – The first Boat Race between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge takes place on the Thames in London." 

Well exciting stuff there, Brian. But what I want to know is - WHO WON? Come on, its one of those really obvious 'either / or' fifty-fifty questions that are perfect for pub quizzes. Two possibilities! and the best part? You already have the answer! Its just next to the wrong answer too! Time's ticking! Hurry and you could win a boat*!!!! (*you will not win a boat)

*inevitable Countdown theme to zero*

And the correct answer was...

Did you get it right? Either way, there you go: a little bit of proper trivia ammo there for a future quiz night in the pub. More of those, you say? Well...alright then...

1. Personally I don't see colour but who has the first move first in chess: black or white?

2. What nationality was the first man to do a space-walk: American or Russian?

3. They both taste like cardboard and salt but which was founded first: McDonalds or Burger King

4. Assuming they aren't from [insert comedy backwards town of your choice], which has the most eyes: a human or a coconut?

5. Pretend to care! Which is taller: The Shard or The Eiffel Tower?

6. Go on then. Which point up: stalagmites or stalactites?


7. The brand name St. Michael is taken from the Christian name of one of the superstore's founders, but which one - Mr. Marks or Mr. Spencer?

8. With which foot did Neil Armstrong first step onto the moon? His right or his left?

9. If I'm in Skipton, does the sun rise in the East or West

10. Which was invented first: Monopoly or Hitler

How did you do? Tell me on my new Punk Rock Pub Quiz Twitter page! And remember: every share helps! 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

QUIZ: Stripped Down

Character 1: How's it going, underling?

Character 2: My long hours and insane workload are causing fatigue, depression and organ failure. I'll probably be dead in a month

Character 1: (thinks) When did people stop saying 'fine'?

HAHAHAAHAHAHA. Not my funny words there but those of birthday boy Scott Adams, creator of the always hysterical "Dilbert" comic strip about the funny nerd who is funny. You probably just didn't get it without the painstakingly hand drawn artwork to really push the funnies along. I mean look at this lot...

 many of these hugely recognisable newspaper comic strips would you recognise if just reduced to their dialogue with no pictures? Sounds like a quiz to me...

Name the comic strip minus the comic strip part from these sample pieces of genuine dialogue....


Character 1: Isn't this a beautiful valentine? I think i'll give it to the little red haired girl.

Character 2: She'll probably laugh right in your face.

Character 1: At least i'd be near her!


[Characters both sigh]

Character 1: My life isn't turning out like I planned

Character 2: Mine either.

Character 1: I wanted to accomplish something.

Character 2: I wanted tuna.


Character 1: Helga, would you get me a cold beer while you're up?

Character 2: Can't you see I have my hands full?

Character 1: That's okay...I'll wait till you put it down


Character 1: Hullloooooooo zeeba neighba....How you like try 'Box O' Funn'?

Character 2: Why would I step into a box of crocodiles?

Character 1: Is Box O' Funn! No can you see?

Character 2: Yeah I can see...but why would I believe it?

Character 1: Because it printed right dere in words. Dat make it true.


Character 1: It says here by the age of six most children have seen a million murders on television.

Character 2: I find that very disturbing! ...It means I've been watching all the wrong channels.


Character 1: Here's the milk you wanted

Character 2: What took you so long?

Character 1: I noticed your mum in the street, struggling with some shopping bags

Character 2: So you had to take the long way home to avoid helping her?

Character 1: Exactly


Character 1: Fred, what happened to the sausages?

Character 2: What a stupid question!

Sides suitably sore? Ready for the newsprint fingered answers?

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