Thursday, 16 June 2016

QUIZ: 8 Word Reithian Rumba

John Reith was by all accounts a tough, God-fearing man of extreme principle. Despite only being employed the BBC for a quarter of his working life, his tenure as initially the general manager and eventual Director General of the newly formed British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) is a period that defined what the BBC should represent and its stature in the world.

By the time of his death on June 16th 1971, Reith was long gone from the institution and was known for holding little love for the changing ideals of his former employer, especially on television, a format he never truly welcomed. So he'd LOVE today's quiz which is all about TV - specifically BBC television programmes that aired in the lifetime of the Baron himself.

Its testament to just how great the BBC is that many of these programmes and formats are still going or are beloved in the minds of the British public. And so I ask...

Can you work out these classic TV programmes when given just brief eight word cyrptic clues?

1. Biddy's boat-bearing badges for boys and girls. 
(1958 - present)

2. Cha Cha or Viennese Waltz? Not strictly bothered. 
(1949 - 98)

3. Well mannered boys reinvent the wheel; kill parrot. 

4. Fire up the 'Vidiprinter', lets see the results. 
(1958 – present)

5. The week's sounds linked by scrawny old bastard. 
(1964 - 2006)

6. Trandem-straddling gents seek work. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. 

7. It is "Not real sport. Just sporting thought." 
(1970 – present)

8. God's Sunday lunch disturbed by warbling well wishers.
(1961 - present))

9.  Troubled comic delights nation bloodlessly for set period.  

10. Whistle. Whistle whistle whistle whistle? Whistle whistle, whistle! 
(1969–74, 2015–present)

11. Back home, there's a war on. Keep guard. 

12. Adventures in time and space. RTD MUST GO. 
(1963 - present)

And now the answers....

John Reith (20th July 1889 - 16th June 1971) 
A legacy worth fighting for.