Tuesday, 7 June 2016

QUIZ: And Introducing But Stuff

We've all watched a film.

No, wait, there's more. We've all watched a film or seen a poster for one. Occasionally for ensemble films with big casts you'll suddenly notice a lot of additional credits for the actors, like "WITH: [ALAN ACTORSON]", "INTRODUCING...[ELAINE ALANACTORSON]" and....erm, "AND [IAN Q SLIMER Bsc]". Recent discussion of these credits on the always wonderful Kermode and Mayo show have suggested this is a contractual thing to soothe celebrity egos (for further reading see The Mark Strong But Game.)

Here is one from a film I forget the title of:

Which famous movies feature these "AND..." credits?

Answers after we all say hello to Jason Isaacs...

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