Thursday, 2 June 2016

QUIZ: A Crow Left Of The Madonna

One of the good things living where I do in Yorkshire is that there's lots of excellent green bits which are outside and very nice to look at. There's also fantastically ridiculous but wonderful things like the Cononley Scarecrow Festival, where everyone in the village is encouraged to make and dress up novelty scarecrows to place in their gardens for a weekend, raising money for charity (in this case, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.)

This years theme was the potentially risky "Top Of The Pops". Thankfully nobody went for some straw in a tracksuit beckoning towards a giant hay bale Rolls Royce but the full spectrum of pop was seemingly covered including...The Residents?!

Here's ten more bird-bothering prickly pop stuffed straw shirts but can you guess who they are?

Huge thanks to my wonderful girlfriend for alerting me to these pictures and the event in the first place. And to Mark Jackson whose photos I've been given permission to hijack for the quiz. And now the answers...