Wednesday, 22 June 2016

QUIZ: Faces For Radio

Radio, its the sound salvation. Radio, its ebby deeby dation.

Not my words but those of Elvis Costello who was a big fan of the wireless, especially Waggoner's Walk, The Grumbleweeds Radio Show and Week Ending. (That's a joke of course, nobody liked Week Ending.) But it is a magnificent medium that I've grown up with an absolute respect for, in particular radio comedy programmes. TV can fill the screen with guest stars, gimmicks and Ricky G***ais not being funny in slow motion but radio has to stand on the strength of its jokes and characters. Also: sometimes Clare In The Community is on.

Several of my favourite radio shows of recent years have been written by a chap called John Finnemore, including his sketch show Souvenir Programme which at time of writing this is being repeated every Friday at 11:30am on Radio 4. Its the sort of sketch show I always wish I could have written but never had a fraction of his talent. I'd be bitter but I'm too busy laughing like an idiot to care. Indeed, I've had to ban that and the equally wonderful Fags Mags and Bags from my trips round Morrisons for sudden cases of explosive sniggering.

In case you were wondering, that picture above is of Finnemore and his cast, which is almost a rarity for a BBC Radio Four production - an actually decent group photo. Today's quiz is all about naming the radio programme from its assembled cast members and wasn't easy to compile. Just one photo of the And Now In Colour cast that isn't just Tim Firth from about 15 years later! Did nobody take a camera to a Mary Whitehouse Experience Radio 1 taping? And as for In One Ear!!! ...that was also a thing.

Here are the casts from ten well known radio shows, some of which converted to TV, some of which are just legendary in themselves. Can you name that radio comedy?

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