Monday, 13 June 2016

QUIZ: The Joy Of Sets

Picture the scene. 

June 13th. 2003. Sheffield. A bunch of young, sweaty boys have just played their first proper rock gig. They have passion, determination and songs the audience could die for. Their name? Ian Flimpson and The Gruffly Men. Meanwhile, on the same day over at The Grapes pub, also in Sheffield, the Arctic Monkeys also had a debut gig for which they received £27 from ticket sales.

It's not always obvious who's going to rocket to the top and it inevitably comes down to the music and how well its put together and presented. And that's where the trusty set list comes along. Every band worth their salt has had a handwritten one of these in front of them when playing a major early gig and likewise some smart person has gone "ooh, I'm having that for eBay" after they've played. 

Here are twelve genuine set lists from various stages in very famous bands careers. Based on the songs and the clues within, can you work out who they are? Some are more obvious than others whilst a few need to work on their cursive script but...

...whose set lists are these? 

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