Monday, 20 June 2016

QUIZ: Looking Back At Look In 5

For children of the 1970s in Britain there were three certainties:

  1. Getting into a Rolls-Royce in Stoke Mandeville was ill-advised. 
  2. Look-In magazine will feature an alarming hand-painted front cover of the biggest in vogue celebrity, musician or TV star (assuming that star is on an ITV programme only)
  3. The Grimleys is on. 

Moving back to number two and its always a source of joy to compile quizzes about old magazines as they really are the closest thing to a direct time tunnel with access to everything you could possibly need from that period in history. Or more likely with Look-In, a selection of baffled "WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?" (I was born in 1980, we didn't allow Skiboys.) pointing. 

And I still haven't gotten over whatever this is...

So to help in my identification process, here are four front covers as its time to ask...
"Who the f**k Look-In?" 

Click here for the answers: 

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All rise, Sir Gingerbeard Gwapenuts...