Friday, 3 June 2016

QUIZ: Looking Back On Today 2

We all love the telly, right? Shows like "The Big Bread-Off", "Britain's Got Some Tapdancers" and "Baddiel's Syndrome" are all we as a nation ever talk about by the 'watered coolers' of Great Britain. And don't even get me started on "Game Of Chairs"!!!!! Honestly, some days I think I watch so much TV I should get a badge for it!!!

Um...ok, that was weird. Moving on...

So, in order to scratch your TV itch, here's another "Looking Back On Today" quiz. Another chance to dip into the schedules of yesteryear and pull out some plums. Not like that, that's right out. But...

...What are these ten programmes that originally aired on this date - 3rd May - in the UK? 

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And now a piece of thinking-time music before the answers.