Wednesday, 29 June 2016

QUIZ: Movies Games And Videos (No Videos)

On this day in 1982 Universal Studios filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America claiming Donkey Kong violated the original copyright to King Kong. Which, y'know, it did. Although I don't remember the bit where King Kong chucked barrels down a construction site but that was probably in the director's cut. Cinema and computer games have long been confusing and damn right awkward bedfellows, from Super Mario Bros:The Movie to Warcraft, although the latter seems to be breaking through the usual barriers most video game adaptations have by not being shit.

Before there was the budget to actually make games into cinematic masterpieces or for that matter games with more advanced storylines than "Eat all that shit and avoid ghosts" or "Shoot the piss out of them things above", movies still tried to cram in video game references to nod to the teenage audience that they were dead hip and in the groove with the hip n' happening likes of QBert, Galaga and Horace Goes Skiing.

What are these films featuring hot video game action? 

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BONUS! See loads more video games in movies in this brilliant twenty minute supercut: