Friday, 10 June 2016

QUIZ: One Way Or Another (Or Genuine Facts You Might Actually Want To Know)

No time for pleasantries today! We take you now live to Wikipedia where some facts are already in progress: "1829 – The first Boat Race between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge takes place on the Thames in London." 

Well exciting stuff there, Brian. But what I want to know is - WHO WON? Come on, its one of those really obvious 'either / or' fifty-fifty questions that are perfect for pub quizzes. Two possibilities! and the best part? You already have the answer! Its just next to the wrong answer too! Time's ticking! Hurry and you could win a boat*!!!! (*you will not win a boat)

*inevitable Countdown theme to zero*

And the correct answer was...

Did you get it right? Either way, there you go: a little bit of proper trivia ammo there for a future quiz night in the pub. More of those, you say? Well...alright then...

1. Personally I don't see colour but who has the first move first in chess: black or white?

2. What nationality was the first man to do a space-walk: American or Russian?

3. They both taste like cardboard and salt but which was founded first: McDonalds or Burger King

4. Assuming they aren't from [insert comedy backwards town of your choice], which has the most eyes: a human or a coconut?

5. Pretend to care! Which is taller: The Shard or The Eiffel Tower?

6. Go on then. Which point up: stalagmites or stalactites?


7. The brand name St. Michael is taken from the Christian name of one of the superstore's founders, but which one - Mr. Marks or Mr. Spencer?

8. With which foot did Neil Armstrong first step onto the moon? His right or his left?

9. If I'm in Skipton, does the sun rise in the East or West

10. Which was invented first: Monopoly or Hitler

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