Wednesday, 8 June 2016

QUIZ: Stripped Down

Character 1: How's it going, underling?

Character 2: My long hours and insane workload are causing fatigue, depression and organ failure. I'll probably be dead in a month

Character 1: (thinks) When did people stop saying 'fine'?

HAHAHAAHAHAHA. Not my funny words there but those of birthday boy Scott Adams, creator of the always hysterical "Dilbert" comic strip about the funny nerd who is funny. You probably just didn't get it without the painstakingly hand drawn artwork to really push the funnies along. I mean look at this lot...

 many of these hugely recognisable newspaper comic strips would you recognise if just reduced to their dialogue with no pictures? Sounds like a quiz to me...

Name the comic strip minus the comic strip part from these sample pieces of genuine dialogue....


Character 1: Isn't this a beautiful valentine? I think i'll give it to the little red haired girl.

Character 2: She'll probably laugh right in your face.

Character 1: At least i'd be near her!


[Characters both sigh]

Character 1: My life isn't turning out like I planned

Character 2: Mine either.

Character 1: I wanted to accomplish something.

Character 2: I wanted tuna.


Character 1: Helga, would you get me a cold beer while you're up?

Character 2: Can't you see I have my hands full?

Character 1: That's okay...I'll wait till you put it down


Character 1: Hullloooooooo zeeba neighba....How you like try 'Box O' Funn'?

Character 2: Why would I step into a box of crocodiles?

Character 1: Is Box O' Funn! No can you see?

Character 2: Yeah I can see...but why would I believe it?

Character 1: Because it printed right dere in words. Dat make it true.


Character 1: It says here by the age of six most children have seen a million murders on television.

Character 2: I find that very disturbing! ...It means I've been watching all the wrong channels.


Character 1: Here's the milk you wanted

Character 2: What took you so long?

Character 1: I noticed your mum in the street, struggling with some shopping bags

Character 2: So you had to take the long way home to avoid helping her?

Character 1: Exactly


Character 1: Fred, what happened to the sausages?

Character 2: What a stupid question!

Sides suitably sore? Ready for the newsprint fingered answers?

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