Wednesday, 15 June 2016

QUIZ: Vizion On With Noddy Holder

Today is Noddy Holder's birthday, he is 70 years old.

When most people think of Nod, the first thing in their heads in probably something akin to this:

It might even be this:

But only seemingly in my head does this turn up front and centre....

...a one-off strip from issue 48 of Viz Comic in 1991 featuring a youthful yet still fully mutton-chopped Holder who is soon to become obsessed with magic (the full strip will appear at the bottom of the quiz.) Such as my obsession and love of Viz that my brain regularly flicks to  the many celebrity parodies that have appeared over the years whenever said star is in the news. Much of the time, the comic would place the star in a surreal, Beano-esque adventure although real life celebs would also show up in the long-running Roger Mellie, The Man On The Telly strip too.

Who are these sixteen celebs as interpreted by Viz?

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An entire Viz quiz that was entirely safe for work! What were the chances?