Thursday, 30 June 2016

QUIZ: What Night Is Corbyns?

I try not to get too political on the quiz site, especially after last week's clusterfudge of events here in the UK but it can't have escaped many people's attention that a man called Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party. But maybe you didn't know that because you've not read the newspapers since Diana died or perhaps you have been busy watching all 37 seasons of "Those Americans Next Door!" on Netflix. But relax! Help is at hand with this very easy new quiz:

Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy, Corr or Bin?

Are the following facts about a). the leader of the Labour Party (at time of writing), b). Jeremy from the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy", c). Caroline Corr or d). dustbins?

1. Worked on a pig farm in Jamaica. 

2. Known to fans as the "Chick with Stick".

3. Takes pictures of manhole covers.

4. Bit the recess lady's breast. 

5. Were first introduced to England in 1875.

6. Appointed honorary MBE in 2005.

7. Dislikes people who make a mess with the toothpaste.

8. Got two Es at A-level.

9. Won the Parliamentary "Beard of the Year Award" a record six times

10. Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street lives in one of these.

How do you think you did? Lets find out, shall we?

Join me tomorrow for our new quiz "Michael Gove OR A Hole In My Arse?"


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