Friday, 24 June 2016

QUIZ: World Music With Nigel Farage

Hi there! Remember me! That's right, its on the tip of your, not Kenny G, he was another early 90s brief MOR pop act. I'm Kenny Thomas and boy howdy, I'm not 'thinking about your love' today but the UK. See, despite my 1993 No. 22 hit "Stay", Britain has gotten itself into a little bit of an 'outstanding' doozy, voting to leave the EU despite the obvious requirements for travel, access to the common market and trade. Clearly not the 'best of you', yessiree!

(NOTE TO SELF: should probably check where Kenny Thomas is from.)

To celebrate this victory for close-minded old bastards everywhere, its time for a special quiz. Can you name the home countries of these 15 popular beat combos and singers. Or...

...where would Nigel Farage send the following musical artists back to? 

Did ya like that? Yippee grits and gravy! Hot dang! I'm comin' home in a box! Whoo hoo! Happy weekend everybody! Don't forget to goshdang share online to your buddies! And follow us on the Twitter and Facebook! Here's the rootin' tootin' answers!!!!!

(Kenny Thomas is from Islington, London)