Monday, 18 July 2016

QUIZ: A Barrie Amongst Men

Happy birthday Kristen Bell. And while many people might love her most for her turn in Heroes as the electric Elle Bishop, the titular character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Princess Frozen in "F**K Sake, How Can You Want To Watch Frozen Again, Kids?" or whoever she plays on House Of Pies which I should probably get round to watching sometime. But for me and many similar telly spods, her career-defining role is that of Veronica Mars, teenage private investigator in the terrific but little watched series of the same name from 2004 to 2007.

The show was funny, full of twists, had a huge supporting cast of characters who were all well-defined and believable but importantly for a comic detective series, had a thorough understanding of how the 'tec noir setting works and could shock its audience in a way that Joss Whedon was crowned King Of Best Telly Emotionals (2014) when he was in the teen mystery wheelhouse too. (Whedon does actually appear in a cameo in Veronica Mars' second season, thus passing the torch on admirably.)

But enough dribbling from me, its on DVD and Netflix so go feast your faces whilst I crack on with today's quiz, inspired by Veronica Mars and its birth-celebrating actress.

Can you name the programmes where the character name has been replaced by the actor's actual name? 

1. Thomas' 7
2. Gless and Daly
3. The Elisabeth Adventures
4. Robin and Pam
5. Moran Books
6. Wagner To Powers
7. Berry Of London
8. Neil Patrick Harris, M.D.
9. The Barrie Empire 
10. The Young Sean Patrick Flanery Mostly But Sometimes Corey Carrier When Younger And George Hall As An Old Man Chronicles

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And here's yer answers. "Captain Craig Charles" sadly not included....