Wednesday, 20 July 2016

QUIZ: Bruce Lee Prince Of The Yolk Folk

On June 20th, 1973 the world lost one of its most iconic figures at a ridiculously young age when Bruce Lee died just days before the release of the biggest film of his career "Enter The Dragon". His name would become synonymous with deadly accuracy, quiet dignity and martial arts skills envied the world over. ...unless you were a schoolboy in the 70s and 80s in which he was probably most famous as something bigger boys would shout whilst pretending to do kung fu kicks on bus stops and throwing the smaller ones' bags on the science block roof.

Despite being an 18 certificate release, "Enter The Dragon" would have been seen by every single lying schoolboy for decades although its actually much more likely that their information was gleaned not from the movies but 1984's "Bruce Lee" for ZX Spectrum and C64, one of the most popular games of the era as this powerful footage reveals...

The 80s were a strange but wonderful boom time for games with tiny teams of people working on full titles that could go on to be million sellers. With so many games on the market though, celebrity endorsements quickly became common with every sports person, musician or actor worth their salt having their own barely recognisable 8-bit home version.

Which famous folk are featured here in their own real 80's 8-bit licensed games?

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