Monday, 25 July 2016

QUIZ: Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Filth)

# Ooh cradling them filth / the cold black something or other / ooh murder / I am an Atheist you know / thanks

Cradle of Filth, or as they'll always be known to me thanks to a schoolfriend's teenage mis-sketching "Craddle Of Filth", were an interesting concept of band, playing up the tongue in cheek nature of metal naughtiness whilst being (at least to my ears - and I loved metal) absolutely totally musically forgettable....but who needed music when you had NAUGHTY T-SHIRTS!? Craddle shirts were everywhere for a time for every angry young person who wanted to be the visual equivalent of the word "grrrr". And no more so than"Vestal Masturbation" featuring a naughty nun and the following shocking statement on the back..

I'm sorry you had to see that. I'll give you a moment to finish vomiting. Better? Ok. So as its main Craddler and lead singer Dani Filth's 43rd birthday and we're remembering some classic casual wear from pop's past, today's quiz asks...

...which bands released these iconic T-shirts? 

What was your favourite band T-shirt? Which can you still not bear to throw away? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook. And do me a nice share if you would, This is the last week of quizzes for a while so lets make it a good one! Now how about that Music Band, fellow kids?