Friday, 15 July 2016

QUIZ: Happy Birthday Twitter! Again!

Happy birthday Twitter! As you've probably seen everywhere (although admittedly probably mostly on Twitter) its ten years since the popular social media waste of time first launched onto the very internet we call the internet. Back then of course it was called 'Kid Kicker2000' before taking the name of its founding manager Sir Steve Twitter who famously spoke in no more than 140 character sentences. (NOTE TO SELF: probably should check these facts before publishing.)

A few months ago, I did a quiz to celebrate Twitter's 'founding' birthday where fictional characters did some equally fictional tweeting and people had to guess who they were. You can find that by clicking this underlined bit here. So I thought for Twitter's actual 'launch' birthday, it be a bit cheap to once again do the same sort of quiz.... Then I remembered I'm off camping for the weekend and only about five people retweet stuff I post anyway so screw it....

Using the clues provided, which fictional characters from TV, film, literature or music could have sent the following Tweets?

And as we're on about Twitter, why not follow us here? And maybe even retweet us sometime? That would be bloody lovely. I'm off to drink ridiculous neon cider in a field. Have a lovely weekend and try not to get to wrapped up in yer Pokemon GOs, wont you?