Wednesday, 6 July 2016

QUIZ: No More Talk

2016 has been a horrendous year for the great and good dying, with Caroline Aherne the latest in a line of beloved well known people. Personally, she was one of my comic writing and performing heroes, not just for The Royle Family and The Fast Show but her brilliant stand up characters like Sister Mary Immaculate and Mitzi Goldberg. The early work with Chris Sievey - another one taken long before his time - and The Dead Good Show pilot. She invented the relaxed, intimate style R**ky G**vais is credited with too often.

I like the idea of a celebrity afterlife purely for the image of Aherne already terrorising her fellow celebrities under the guise of Mrs Merton, one of the finest comedy characters of the past fifty years, asking Paul Daniels what he saw in the half his age blonde beautiful magician's assistant.

Here are ten other fake talk shows from TV and film. Can you name the source? And for a bonus point, the name of the fictional chat show. 

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