Monday, 11 July 2016

SPECIAL QUIZ: A Hundred Days On

# Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Its not really a birthday! This premise is fake! 

Hello and welcome to the hundredth post here on Punk Rock Pub Quiz - 100 all new quizzes, podcasts, videos and requests to ADD US ON TWITTER (cough) - all written by me, Ben Baker. Except for that one Tim did. Actually, I should get him to do another. And my friend Tanya. And Sarah. And...actually I should ask all of once!

So here's a special guest quiz from the people I would not have reached one hundred posts without the love, support and shares from. You should follow them all on Twitter too (handles oh so kindly provided) and read their various projects, big and small. They're all brilliant. Especially when you ask them half a week in advance if they'd be up for writing a special question on the subject of "100".

Lets start with that Worthington chap again, from the always wonderful Newsround blog where you'll also find links to his fantastic range of pop culture books....

TIM WORTHINGTON @outonbluesix

Short-lived early eighties jangle-pop sensation Haircut One Hundred were fond of giving the flipsides of their catchy pop hits obscure and angular titles. Which of these is not a real Haircut One Hundred b-side?

Ski Club Of Great Britain
Call For Jonny Quest
October Is Orange (Day 1 & 2)
Boat Party
Love's Got Me In Triangles (Special Extended Edition)

SEZ THOMASIN @wordgeeksez

What was the name of this "I wish I could have written for Doctor Who before they cancelled it, never mind, I'll put the scary gold masks and mind-meld ideas by for later" CBBC horror?

TANYA JONES @gypsy_creams

My question is: what iconic club was lurking below the Ring Selection Centre in central London?


The company Big Finish make official Doctor Who audio dramas and their hundredth release was, "100". Which Doctor did it feature and what year was it released?


Which of these famous people did not live to be 100?

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother
Barbara Cartland
Bob Hope
Irving Berlin
Lonesome George the Galapagos Tortoise


Which Capcom fighting universe character, who debuted in Street Fighter II, uses the Hundred Hand Slap as a special move?

Read Garreth's genuinely hilarious blog Atomic Sourpuss here


Now up to 146, whose 100th single release was The Best of Me in 1989?

And in which comedy film of the 1980s did the protagonists order 'a hundred pints of lager' in an Indian restaurant?

JAMES WALLACE @jeawallace 

So, I'm minding my own business, then all of a sudden this fellow Baker wants a question for his Punky Quiz whatsit. "It's the hundredth one, so can you do something about 100? Plug what you like" He asks. That's fair, not that I have anything to plug, but if there's one thing Ben's done on this site, it's confound expectations, so I thought I'd try to do the same thing. Then it just became massively self indulgent, oops. Anyway, with these pictures, pick out the ones that *don't* represent 100, all taken from stuff in my life I really know too much about.

Thanks to everyone who took part in today's special quiz. Here's to the next hundred. I'm already tired just thinking about it...