Friday, 9 December 2016

Please Mind The Quizbooks

Hello sexy! Remember me? I'm the one who had yer babies eyes. Sorry about that, I thought they were babies eyes shaped novelty hors d'oeuvres. Anyway, remember when I said I've got a new quiz book out? Well, now I HAVE TWO!

If you fancy a unique pocket sized Christmas gift not available in the high street that will fill that boring awkward period with your relatives over the coming weeks then these two tomes are packed with funny, quirky quizzes for all the family. Except Uncle Ted. He knows why. 

Your Starter For Ben is a general knowledge compendium of many wonderful things from TV to food, film, books, famous firsts, dead pop stars and there's even some sport in there! 

The sequel Never Mind The Quizbooks is an entirely music themed book of questions but written for people who aren't obsessive about pop. Rounds include Probably Definitely True Facts about The Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Kanye West. Plus Great Pop Years, Rock: The Video Game Years, singing sitcom cameos and over eighty more! 

And if you only do digital, you can grab a compendium of both books in one easy PDF file for £1.99 via the snazzy link below...

Buying these books supports small-scale nonsense like mine. I don't make much money out of this, doing it really for the love of it but I'm very proud of both of these books and I know that people who enjoy either this site, my podcasts or any of my work will really get a kick out of dragging a little bit of Baker into the Christmas family Christmas. 

And if you're in West Yorkshire, you might like to come and see my live quiz act - Punk Rock Pub Quiz - performing an entirely new show on Friday December 16th to promote the release of these books, you can find all the details on this page here

And if I dont see you before, Merry Christmas!